Victor Greenaway

Artist’s Statement & CV

The strength of my work is in the ability to create spontaneity in each piece during the session on the potter's wheel. As a brush or chisel is the tool of a painter or sculptor, so too is the wheel mine. The dynamics are created through light and shade, modelled through the use of indentations and various surfaces and colours. The translucency of the porcelain contributes to this by passing light through thin linear markings and fine edges.

As in a quick sketch or abstraction the outcome relies on experience, intuition and a confidence in technique. Often the result is uncertain and the work lost or discarded but the journey is an exciting one and constantly rewarding.

The work is porcelain fired in an electric kiln, fired to 1260oC. The clay is from Limoges and has suited my techniques up till now, which rely on a clay that can be thrown and altered with little chance of cracking while also responding to the mark making and grooving applied immediately after throwing, without tearing or resisting.

I look for glaze surfaces to enhance the form and lines by creating light and shade, adding dynamic energy to the piece. I often find glossy glazes to be too distracting so tend to select glazes that are more satin or matt.

I also produce work that follows the specialist techniques of the black Etruscan bucchero firings. It provides a beautiful and appealing contrast to the high-fired, pure white of the Limoges porcelain.

More recently, with ceramics, I have been concentrating on the fine white porcelain surfaces to produce beautifully refined, marble-like finishes as a reflection of the sculptural works I see in Italy and contrast this with the velvety-smooth finish of the Etruscan, black-fired bucchero work. All of the ceramic works that I have completed over the past number of years have been directly inspired by exposure to the arts of the ancient Etruscans, the Romans and the Renaissance, as have the paintings.


Victor Greenaway is an internationally renowned Ceramic Artist represented widely in public and private collections both within Australia and overseas. He has earned a reputation for fine craftsmanship and innovative ceramic design, receiving many awards including a Winston Churchill Fellowship (1974) and an Arts Victoria award (1998), under the "International Export & Touring Program," to take an exhibition of work to Italy in 1999. In 1999 he was also awarded a Fellowship from the International Specialised Skills (ISS) Institute to assist in setting up an international school of ceramics in Umbria, Italy. More recently, in recognition of a long and impressive career and a continuing creative energy, he was awarded the prestigious Australia Council Fellowship for 2001 - 2002. He was admitted to the 52nd International Competition for Contemporary Ceramic Art at Il Museo Internazionale delle Ceramica in Faenza, Italy, and undertook a craftsman-in-residence position in Belgium in 2002, with exhibitions to follow across Europe from then continuing to the present. In 2004 he was an artist-in-resident at Sturt Craft Centre. Greenaway continues in the development of finely executed forms in the transclucent porcelain of Limoges, as well as producing a range of complementary forms using the ancient Etruscan black-fired technique of bucchero. The Beagle Press, the fine art book publishing company in Sydney, printed a beautifully presented monograph celebrating 40 years of the artist’s work. From 2007 he has been resident in Orvieto, Italy but maintains a painting and ceramic studio in East Gippsland, Victoria.

Professional Development - Highlights
Diploma of Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1967;
Manager of the late Ian Sprague's Mungeribar Pottery, 1971 - 1973;
Churchill Fellow: study tour of training methods for the artist/potter in Japan, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and UK, 1974;
Established and ran Broomhill Pottery at Upper Beaconsfield, 1974 - 1992;
Co-ordinated the Ceramic Workshop at the Victorian Meat Market Craft Centre, 1993 - 1998;
Established new painting and ceramic studios at Nungurner, Gippsland Lakes, 1994 - .
From 2007 - resident in Italy continuing painting and ceramics as well as undertaking a number of ceramic workshops and exhibitions in Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Selected Awards
Gold Coast International Ceramic Award - Acquisition, 2006;
La Trobe University Acquisitive Ceramics Award, Castlemaine Art Gallery, 2006;
Townsville City Council Award, 2003;
Australia Council Fellowship, 2001-2002;
ISS (International Specialised Skills) Fellowship, 1999;
Arts Victoria award under the "International Export & Touring Program," 1999;
Other awards include the Made in Australia Design Award, 1967; Shell Company Acquisition, 1972; Churchill Fellowship, 1974; Mayfair Award 1976; Potters' Cottage Ceramic Award 1979; Fletcher Brownbuilt Award of Merit (NZ) 1980; BP Australia Award 1980; Stuart Devlin Award 1981 & 1983.

Selected List of Acquisitions
Rockhampton Art Gallery, 2008;
Bendigo Art Gallery, 2007;
Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria, 2005;
Bendigo Art Gallery, 2005;
Shepparton Art Gallery, 2005;
Art Gallery of Western Australia, 2005;
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (most recent acquisition, 2002);
Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy;
Museo della Ceramica, Palazzo Brugiotti, Viterbo, Italy;
Museum for Modern Keramik, Deidesheim, Germany; National Gallery of Victoria;
New Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra;
The Art Galleries of Western Australia and Queensland;
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney;
Seto Ceramic Institute, Nagoya, and the Sharp Corporation;
Japan; Southland Museum, and the Auckland Museum, New Zealand;
Private Collection Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands;
The English Gallery, Geissenheim, Germany;
McClelland Gallery, Victoria; Newcastle City Art Gallery;
Brisbane City Hall Collection; Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania;
Australian National University (ACT) and the University of Tasmania;
Darling Downs College (QLD) and the Victorian Teachers' College Collection (VIC);
Art Bank, Victoria; Queensland Potters' Association;
Curtin Institute of Technology, Perth;
Crafts Board, various collections; State Craft Collection, Victoria;
Regional Galleries of Shepparton, Gippsland, Ararat, Horsham, and Narracorte, among others.

Recent Exhibitions

2008 PULS Gallery Brussels BE
2008 Ab OVO Gallery, Todi IT
2007 PULS Gallery Brussels BE
2007 Beaver Galleries Canberra AU
2006 Gallery 482, Brisbane, QLD AU
2006 Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, NSW AU
2006 Studio Altenburg, Braidwood, NSW AU
2006 Skepsi on Swanston, Melbourne AU
2005 O.P.T. 5 Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong (book launch & exhibition) AU
2005 Newcastle Regional Gallery, NSW (book launch & survey exhibition) AU
2005 Skepsi on Swanston, Melbourne (book launch & exhibition) AU
2005 Object Gallery, Sydney (book launch & exhibition) AU
2005 Stafford Studios of Fine Art, Perth (book launch & exhibition) AU

Other Exhibitions

O.P.T. 5 Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong & Beaver Galleries Canberra 2004;
Framed Gallery, Darwin & Makers Mark Galleries, Melbourne & Sydney 2003;
Terra Keramiek, Delft, Netherlands;
Makers Mark Galleries, Melbourne & Sydney & Stafford Studios of Fine Art, Cottesloe, Perth, W.A. 2002;
Selected for the 52nd Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica d'Arte Contemporanea-Faenza 2001;
Makers Mark Galleries, Melbourne & Sydney;
Ceramic Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia & Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT, Australia 2000;
Museo della Ceramica, Palazzo Brugiotti, Commune di Viterbo, Italy 1999;
International Ceramics Award, Faenza, Italy 1976;
International Exhibition of Ceramics; Victoria and Albert Museum, London 1972;
Crafts Board of Australia Council, exhibitions in South America, Japan, Washington Embassy.

Others include:
Australia Craft, London and Hong Kong;
Craft Expo 1981, Sydney and Melbourne; Craft Australia, Indonesian exhibition, 1994;
Craft Australia, Osaka, Japan 1999; and Munich Craft Fair, 1999.

Numerous group shows include:
"Tableware for the Eighties," Potters' Society of Australia;
"Ceramics '88," University of New South Wales;
"Form and Function," 1985, Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne;
"Fire and Earth," Manly Gallery, Sydney, 1987;
Tachikichi Corporation, Tokyo and Kyoto;
Guest Artist, Art Centre, Perth;
Australian Design Academy, South-East Asia Touring Exhibition, 1992;
Australian Exhibition, World Crafts' Council, Iran, 1993;
Tachikichi Corporation, Japan, 1996.

More than 80 "one-man shows" have been held over the period from 1968-2006

Exhibitions – represented in (selected by invitation)

2008 Fusions: Australian Network of Clay and Glass Artists, “Salute”, Brisbane
2007 COLLECT Victorian & Albert Museum, London (Raglan Gallery)
2006 SOFA, Chicago (Raglan Gallery)
2005 COLLECT Victorian & Albert Museum, London (Raglan Gallery)
2005 SOFA, Chicago (Raglan Gallery)
2004 COLLECT Victorian & Albert Museum, London (Raglan Gallery)
2004 SOFA, Chicago (Raglan Gallery)
2004 “Bowled and Beautiful” Ceramic Art Gallery, Sydney
2004 Celebrating the Master, Skepsi
2003 SOFA, Chicago (Raglan Gallery)


Victor Greenaway Ceramics 1965-2005. F’wd Janet Mansfield/Intro Tim Jacobs. The Beagle Press, Sydney, Aust 2005.

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