Greg Daly

Artist Statement & CV:

To me, light and lustre have a synergy that creates astonishing colour and movement. As you move around the work, the different angles of light striking the surface will change the colour and intensity of the lustre. The nature of the light too will have a remarkable affect on the colour and tone of the glaze, as the spectrum of natural light outside will be very different to the artificial light in a gallery or home.
Lustre is as much a product of its surroundings as the glaze recipe and firing process.

Walking from home to the studio and back each day, I see light through mist, rain, clouds, sunrise, sunset, dust, heat and the moment as the sun goes down, that after glow that changes for just a moment the land and sky. This is what has inspired me to return to exploring lustre glazes once again, after 20 years.

Participated in over 80 solo exhibitions, over 200 group exhibitions, in Australia and over 20 Countries, Japan, Lithuania, UK, Canada, France, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Cech Republic, Taiwan, USA, New Zealand, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Greece, Korea, Poland and throughout Australia.

Represented in over 75 National & International public Museums & Art Galleries, including, National Gallery Australian, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria- Canada, Victoria and Albert Museum - UK, Ariana Museum-Switzerland, Faenza Ceramic Museum - Italy, Ceramic Museum Vallauris - France, Saga Prefectural Art Gallery - Japan.

All State Art Galleries: Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Powerhouse Museum NSW - Australia.
Has been awarded 37 National & International awards.

Published 3 books on Glazes & Lustres. Work appears in over 25 published books on ceramics.