Brian Keyte

Artist Statement & CV

As a former Mechanical Design Draftsman and Engineer, I guess it’s not surprising that I base my work on the old “form follows function” adage. The challenge, I find, is to push beyond this to an artistic level of eliciting an emotional response from the viewer, whilst at the same time still passing the Engineer’s “fit for use” test, meaning more correctly, “appropriate” for use. To this end I use high fired porcelaneous stoneware clay for its mechanical qualities of durability, strength and impermeability and the artistic qualities one can achieve with copper and iron glazes at this temperature as well as the pure sounding ring of the vitrified body.

Humankind has evolved within the natural world. I reason, therefore, that if one can utilise nature’s design rules then the product will rest easy on the eye, as that is what we are used to, wether we consciously realise it or not. This should apply to both form and colour. The form is therefore thrown with the so-called “golden mean” and/or a Fibonacci progression in mind as a guide, with the plastic nature of the clay and the intended glaze contributing to the final form. To my mind the final glaze finish should contribute to the piece in a similar way, changing and moving with the form to create a unified whole.


2011 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Arts Award. Acquired By the Manningham Collection.
2011 “Arresting”, joint with Skepsi at MAS.
2011 “Reflections”, solo with Skepsi at MAS.
2010 Gold Struck, Solo Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2009 Brian Keyte, Solo Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2007 Rhythm and Motion, Solo Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2006 A Taste of Salt, Salt Gallery, Queenscliff
2006 The Christmas Collection, Beaver Galleries, ACT
2006 Infra Red, Solo Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2005 The Affordable Art Show Melbourne, with Skepsi on Swanston
2005 A Study of Line and Form, Solo Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2005 The Alice Craft Acquisition
2004 The Victorian Connection, The Ceramic Art Gallery, Sydney
2004 Imperial Porcelain Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2004 Affordable Art Show Melbourne, with Skepsi on Swanston
2003 Tea for Two, Skepsi on Swanston
2003 Reopening Exhibition, Potters Gallery, Warrandyte
2003 Imperial Porcelain Release Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2003 VCG (Victorian Ceramic Group) Exhibition
2003 The Sensual Form, Solo Exhibition, Skepsi on Swanston
2002 Inaugural, Skepsi on Swanston
2000 Solo Exhibition, Northcote Pottery Gallery
1999 Solo Exhibition, Northcote Pottery Gallery
1998 Joint, with Heather Priestley, Northcote Pottery Gallery
1997 Joint, with Heather Priestley, Meat Market Gallery


Private Collections
Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, China, Canada, USA, Singapore and all Australian states, five by commission
Corporate Collections
Melbourne, seven commissions
Auckland, N.Z, acquisition


2009 Teacher, part time, diploma level throwing, glazing and kiln studies, Box Hill TAFE
2008 Teacher, ‘Advanced Glazes’, a post diploma, part time glaze chemistry course, Chisholm TAFE
2005 Commenced new life - reincarnated as professional artist potter
1996 Diploma of Arts, Ceramics, Holmesglen TAFE, after two years of various short courses in terracotta sculpture and ceramics
Originally qualified as a Mechanical Design Draftsman in 1975. Further part time Diploma level studies led me to being employed in a previous life as a Mechanical Engineer